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We help you create the fulfilling relationship you deserve

It's not easy finding the right relationship that will grow into a long lasting and fulfilling partnership. And the secret is that amazing relationships don't usually happen by luck. Learning how to develop a relationship where you feel seen, heard, understood and valued takes work. 

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An 80 year longitudinal Harvard study shows good relationships are one of the best predictors of happy and longer lives

This long term Harvard study showed that fulfilling relationships help us maintain strong mental and physical health. It also showed that close relationships were the main key to staying happy throughout our lives, rather than factors like wealth, career or fame. Our relationships and how happy we are in them have a powerful influence on the quality of our lives and even our health.

Are you...

  • tired of constant arguments in your relationship

  • not getting your needs met and feeling unhappy

  • currently single and wanting to find a long term relationship

  • almost giving up hope in finding a fulfilling relationship

  • not sure how to build a strong relationship 

  • It's time to take action and do something about it.

    You can improve the quality of your relationships. Whether you are currently single, or in a relationship, if you are not feeling content and empowered, you can change your situation.

    'I found the strategies suggested enabled me to see myself differently and explain why repeated approaches to relationships always had the same outcome. A real “light bulb” moment for me. There is a great wealth of material available on this site - such great value for money. I highly recommend The Relationship Maze' 

    Creating great relationships

    Do you want a long lasting & fulfilling relationship?

    We want to help you discover how you can develop amazing relationships.

    We're never taught at school how to create relationships or even how to communicate. It's all left down to chance.

    That's why we created the Relationship Maze. We wanted to enable you to gain the insight and learn the skills that can help you with the most important thing in life: creating a relationship that is a source of fulfilment, strength and energy. A relationship that will positively impact all areas of your life.

    What do I need to do to create a fulfilling relationship?

    Relationships are complex. There are so many things you need to do to developing a happy and fulfilling relationship.

    Here are a few key areas to work on to get you started:

    Learn deep communication skills

    Being able to communicate effectively is essential in any relationship, whether you've been together for years or are just starting with dating. Everyone can learn great communication skills. They aren't something we are born with.

    Understand yourself & your partner

    If you want to have a strong relationship, you need to really understand why you think the way you do. And you need to understand why your partner thinks the way they do too.

    Develop your confidence & self esteem

    Having a happy and fulfilling relationship starts with working on yourself. As you become more confident and content within yourself, you build the essential foundations for developing a fulfilling relationship.

    Helping your relationship become more fulfilling

    Having a loving relationship has been shown to help us be happier in every area of life. But it doesn't usually happen by chance. Having worked as therapists for over 40 combined years, we've put together the tools and principles that work best to help you develop a fulfilling relationship.

    Introducing The Relationship Maze

    A unique course to help you find and create the fulfilling relationship you deserve in 120 days to live a happier and healthier life.

    Here's what's in The Relationship Maze

    Module 1: Know Yourself

    The first step in developing a loving and fulfilling relationship is to have a deeper understanding of how you think and perceive your relationships.

    As well as helping develop your self awareness, in this module we also have a comprehensive toolkit of techniques to help you build up your confidence, self-esteem and self-happiness.

    Module 2: Know The Other

    Once you understand how you think, it's time to explore how your partner, or the person you're going on a date with thinks.

    Sometimes we think we know what someone else's behaviour or what they are saying means when in fact it doesn't always work this way!

    As a result we can get angry, upset or even feel rejected. Having a deeper understanding of other people is vital to avoid these misinterpretations.

    Module 3: The Journey

    So you want a great relationship?

    Developing a great relationship takes time. And that's the case whether you're currently in one, or still looking for one!

    It's important to enjoy the journey to creating your great relationship. And part of this is learning how to communicate better. 

    Learning how to express how you feel, what is important to you and deal with disagreements is vital to help you create the relationship you deserve.

    Module 4: The Destination

    At this point you have a deeper understanding of yourself and the other person and know how to communicate better.

    Now we focus on how to deal with challenges and move through the stages of growth in a relationship to help you build the most fulfilling and rewarding relationship you can have.

    The Relationship Maze

    The only relationship course like this

    The Relationship Maze combines over 40 years of experience working as therapists and in the field of psychology. It brings practical experience of steps that work to help you create the most fulfilling relationship you can have.

    • Over 20 video lessons taught by top UK therapists

    • Over 50 downloadable practical exercises

    • Summary sheets & checklists

    • A supportive community to help you on your journey

    The only course that helps you find and create a fulfilling relationship whether you are already in a relationship or currently single

    What would it be like to create an amazing relationship?

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    Is The Relationship Maze only for relationships that are in trouble?

    No, the course is giving you an opportunity to build strength in your relationship that will offer you a strong foundation for the future. You will learn all the necessary skills that will enable you to continue to be connected to your partner or to navigate through more choppy water in future.

    Should I do this course on my own or with my partner?

    If you are currently in a relationship, it would be helpful if you did the course together as it will spark much debate, in particular if you do the suggested activities together. However, you can absolutely work on the material on your own if you prefer to.

    Is The Relationship Maze suitable for same sex couples?

    Yes, absolutely. 

    Is The Relationship Maze a replacement for couples therapy?

    The course covers a very wide range of topics that are relevant to building a strong, intimate and successful relationship. You can use it a foundation to build on but if you wish to delve deeper into issues that require further, personal exploration you can chose to follow the course with subsequent couples therapy session. You would have a head start and already a deeper knowledge that can then be applied in your couple therapy sessions.

    Is the course aimed at a particular age range?

    No, the course is relevant to anybody who wants to gain a better understanding of themselves in relationships. Generally, the earlier the better. You can apply your learning in future relationships or your current one.

    Does The Relationship Maze prepare me for marriage?

    Yes, absolutely. Now - while the relationship is going well - is the best start to learn how to build a strong connection with your partner and to have the tools at hand that enable you to address difficulties or challenges in your relationship. 

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