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Tired of being the only single person you know

You can find and create a long term and fulfilling relationship

Are you currently single?

  • If you're single and happy, that's great. 

    But if you're not and you've been struggling to find a long term fulfilling relationship, it can be a real source of despair. It can make you think things like:

    • Why am I the only single person I know?

    • Is there something wrong with me?

    • Why can't I find a relationship with someone I deserve?

    • Will this struggle go on forever?

    • Will I ever find a partner who is right for me?

    If you've been trying to find a fulfilling relationship, but have almost given up hope, read on...

    Fulfilling relationships don't happen by luck

    Whether you've been dating for a while and often find yourself heartbroken. Or you've been dating and never found 'the one'. Or maybe you just feel really anxious about dating...successful dating is all about knowing the right strategies

    There are a lot of steps involved in finding and creating a fulfilling relationship.

    First, you need to understand yourself.

    Often we're our own worst enemies when it comes to finding love. Bad experiences from the past, or negative beliefs about ourselves and relationships prevent us from finding truly fulfilling relationship.  

    That's why we created The Relationship Maze. To help you gain insight into yourself and resolve any blocks stopping you from finding the relationship you deserve. Then to help you learn the skills to develop and deepen your relationship.

    What's In The Relationship Maze

    Here's what we cover in the different sections of the course

    Know Where You Are?

    Understanding how you think and feel and why you respond in a particular way will enable you to approach dating differently. You will be able to modify unhelpful responses, address anxieties and clarify what it is that you need from a relationship. 

    • How your thinking shapes your experience

    • How your interpretations influence your actions

    • How you talk to yourself

    • How you learned to relate to others

    • How the past influences your relationships

    • How to apply techniques that make a difference when dating

    The Journey

    Starting out with another person, on a date or in the early stages of a relationship always requires good levels of communication. You want to make sure that the other person understands you well and vice versa. In this section we are looking at the foundations of good communication in a relationship.

    • How to talk effectively to the other person 

    • How to built rapport with the other person

    • How to listen to the other person

    • How to build deeper connection

    •  How to express yourself

    Knowing Your Destination

    When dating other people we have all sorts of ideas in our head about the other person: some may be right, some might not. It helps to gain a good understanding of another person in order to assess whether they might be the right kind of partner for us.

    • How we think we know what others think

    • How to pay attention to the other person's behaviour

    • How to take action to create the relationship you want with another person

    • How to understand the personality of the person you are dating

    Destination - The Start Of A New Journey

    Being in a relationship will throw up challenges. You will at some point experience some conflict with your partner - after all you are two different people with different needs and wants. In this module we look at common areas of difficulty and how to manage these effectively. 

    • How to navigate through the different stages of a relationship

    • How to balance separateness with togetherness

    • How to manage conflict

    • How your different attachment styles impact on each other 

    • How you experience your sexual relationship

    •  How you manage money

    Create the relationship you've always wanted