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  • Being able to deal effectively with conflict is crucial in any successful relationship. Conflict in any relationship is inevitable and conflict in itself is not a problem. What matters is that you manage to address issues that need discussing in such a way that you can be heard and a possible solution can be found. 

    In this video Tom talks about how you can develop your charisma by building your self confidence.

    In this video Angela talks about how we often see what we want to see in another person. Frequently we are guided by wishes rather than by what is really in front of us. In dating, this is something to be really aware of as it may influence your choice of partner in possibly the wrong way.

    In this video Tom talks about a specific type of dating anxiety - when you don't hear back from the person you really like and you start to get really anxious.

    In this video Angela talks about the importance of good communication. Being able to listen is one of the foundations of building a strong relationship. Without proper listening there is not much understanding between partners.

    In this video we talk about ways to deal with the challenges of the pandemic on your relationship.

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