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Tired of Constant arguments?

We want to help you create a more fulfilling relationship 

Relationship lost its way?

Do you sometimes feel that...

  • The old relationship dream has faded away?

  • You seem to spend more and more time arguing?

  • You spend less and less time with your partner?

  • The sex life has died or is less satisfactory?

  • The person you fell in love with isn't the same person anymore?

It can be so upsetting and confusing when what seemed to be a great relationship starts to change. It can be as though the person we are with is like a different person.

Finding a way through these challenges can seem overwhelming or even impossible but when you have acquired new insights and skills you will be able to create a much stronger and mature relationship.

Build or re-build a fulfilling relationship with The Relationship Maze

Getting back on track

Rekindle your relationship

Whether you are starting a relationship wanting to make sure that it flourishes, or rebuilding a relationship currently in trouble the first obstacle is often not knowing where to start.

The first step is to understand yourself better. Exploring how you think about and perceive your partner goes a long way to helping you understand your contribution to the relationship. Secondly, understanding how the other person thinks and feels will enable you to navigate troubled water much more effectively and generate a deeper level of connection and love.

The third step is to learn to communicate better. Something we're never taught in school, but that is vital for great relationships. Do you know how to really listen? Can you say what you need to say?

Finally, you also need to learn how to deal with conflict and learn how to build a closer relationship emotionally, spiritually and physically. 

We explore all of these areas in a lot more detail in The Relationship Maze.

Take the first step to create a more fulfilling relationship

What's In The Relationship Maze

Here's what we cover in the different sections of the course

Know Where You Are?

You don't want to have unhelpful thinking and behaviour patterns get in the way of building and maintaining a strong relationship. In this section you will learn more about yourself: how experiences have shaped your thinking about other people, your expectations and the very way that you relate to other people. Learn more about messages you have taken in without thought and your relationship style. All of these factors will impact on your relationship.

  • How your thinking shapes your experience

  • How your interpretations influence your interactions

  • How we talk to ourselves

  • How you learned to relate to others

  • How the past influences present relationhips

  • How to apply techniques that make a difference in your relationship

The Journey

Strong communication is the foundation for a strong relationship. However, communication requires you to learn to listen to your partner as well as having a strong voice yourself. These are skills that can be learned and they will be transformative in your relationship.

  • How to talk to your partner

  • How to build rapport

  • How to listen to your partner

  • How to build deeper connection

  •  How to express yourself

Knowing Your Destination

In order to improve your understanding of each other it helps to focus your attention not only on yourself but also on your partner. Getting insight into your partner will not only enable you to generate a deeper level of understanding but also strenghten your relationship.

  • How we think we know what others think

  • How to pay attention to your partner's behaviour

  • How to take action to create the relationship you want

  • How to understand your partner's personality

Destination - The Start Of An Ongoing Journey

You enter your relationship full of hope and expectations. Some of your expectations will be confounded and conflict may ensue - after all you are two separate people with different needs and wants. All relationships require nurturing and careful attention. In this section we guide you through common relationship challenges and how to address these successfully.

  • How to move through the different stages of the relationship

  • How to balance separateness and togetherness in the relationship

  • How your relational styles impact on each other

  • How to manage conflict in the relationship 

  • How you experience your sexual relationship 

  •  How you manage money

Create the relationship you've always wanted