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Are you terrified of ending up single and all alone?

How To Find The Relationship Of Your Dreams And Avoid Heartache Along The Way!

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  • Everyone around you seems to be in a relationship

  • You never seem to date the 'right' people

  • You sometimes don't feel attractive enough

  • Relationships tend to end in heartache

  • You feel like a failure

  • Dating is hard work

  • You never seem to find your 'soul mate'

  • You worry that you're not interesting enough

  • You struggle to easily talk to people

  • Most people you meet on dates don't tick your boxes

  • If so, then you can feel paralysed and hopeless...unless you TAKE ACTION NOW!


    We're passionate about helping people find ways to create fulfilling and lasting relationships! The longer you leave a problem, the larger it grows!

    Do you fear...

    • Years of loneliness

    • Never finding the right person

    • Not being able to be in a relationship

    • That you're really just unloveable

    • Not being able to have your own family

    • Wasting time on dates that go nowhere

    • Ending up with someone who is not 'the one'

    • Having your heart broken AGAIN

    • Being the only one not in a relationship

    The Relationship Maze is the complete course in how to find and create fulfilling relationships that last.

    Don't leave having a great relationship down to luck!

    Otherwise your luck will run out. Maybe sooner than you thought!

    Don't give up - there's someone out there for you even if you feel like the runt of the litter! Finding a great relationship isn't about what you look or sound like. It starts with how you feel about yourself. And we want to help you build your self confidence and charisma.

    Every day that you put off improving your relationship is a day you'll never get back.


    Build Your Confidence

    Self confidence is crucial - not just in how you feel about yourself, but also in whether other people find you attractive. We teach you how to develop your self confidence, however you currently feel about yourself.

    Supercharge Your DQ - Dating Quotient!

    Find out what makes you tick. Understand yourself better - what drives you and also what drives other people to find you attractive and how to develop your dating quotient to find better relationships.

    Develop Your Charisma

    Lots of people think you are born with charisma, however we show you that charisma is something that you can develop when you know how.  

    Discover The Right People For YOU To Date

    Lots of people end up in relationships with the WRONG people. People who will never be right for long term relationships, or worse - people who will leave you feeling miserable or alone.

    Learn The Language Of Love

    Learning communication skills is essential for starting and developing great relationships. Anyone can do it and we teach you how!

    Dealing with the family

    As a couple you are rarely in a bubble. Bringing up children or dealing with other family members can be challenging. Learn how to navigate through the family maze.

    Why The Relationship Maze?

    Access To Expertise

    Tap into out 30+ years experience of working with individuals and couples on their relationship issues

    Latest Insights

    The Relationship Maze draws on the most up to date knowledge in the field of relationships

    Well Informed

    With hours of video, exercises and practical applications, you'll be able to put into practice the knowledge to transform your relationship


    You'll learn countless principles and techniques you can put into practice to improve your relationship

    Easy To Master

    We take you step by step through how to make the changes you want to

    Our Full Commitment

    We are totally passionate and committed to helping you improve your relationship

    Meet The Relationship Maze Founders

    Hi, we are Angela Dierks and Tom Mackay and we have  worked in the field of psychology as counsellor, psychotherapist, couples therapist and coach for many years. We are passionate about witnessing our clients grow and develop on their own or in their relationships. We work with individuals, couples and groups and have provided teaching, lecturing and training in a university setting as well as for the wider public. 

    We work in private practice as well as in educational institutions. Our students experience us deeply committed to our field of expertise with a desire to enable every person to gain a better understand of themselves and the relationship they build with other people.
    We help our clients clarify what they would like to and need to change in their life and how to bring about this change.
    Angela works as a counsellor, psychotherapist, couples therapist, clinical supervisor and lecturer on a masters course in counselling and coaching. She is working with a diverse group of clients on a very wide range of issues.
    Tom is a psychotherapist, psychologist and Master Trainer of NLP and over the last 25 years has run workshops all aver the world helping people make changes in their lives and relationships.

    What's In The Relationship Maze

    Video Sessions

    When you sign up for The Relationship Maze, you'll get access to over 10 hours of video sessions covering everything from understanding yourself in your relationships through to understanding your partner and how to transform the dynamic of your relationship.

    A Wide Range Of Insightful Tasks

    The most important goal of The Relationship Maze is not just to teach you about finding and developing relationships, but for you to put into practice what you learn so you can develop fulfilling relationships.

    A Supportive Private Community

    One of our goals at The Relationship Maze is to encourage a thriving and supportive community to go to for sharing learnings, asking questions and getting to know other like minded participants.

    Checklists, Cheatsheets and Notes

    Quick reference guides for various essential areas such as how to develop your dating confidence, find the right people to date, how to listen, how to communicate better and much more...

    All of this and much more ONLY inside The Relationship Maze

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    Not Sure If The Relationship Maze Is Right For You?

    Who The Relationship Maze Is For

    • Anyone who is really committed to finding the relationship that is right for them

    • People who want to know why they struggle in making relationships last and how to change it

    • People who have never been in a relationship

    • Anyone who wants to build their dating confidence and charisma

    • People who want to develop a great relationship that can get better!

  • Who The Relationship Maze Is Not For

    • Someone who has decided they want to be on their own and are happy with it

    • People who want a quick fix - building relationships require work which we'll guide you through!

    • This is not a course for PUA's!

    • Anyone who's not open to transforming their thinking and behaviour

    • Anyone who thinks good relationships are just down to the OTHER person

    Why would we try to talk you out of joining? Because we are totally committed to your relationship success, which starts with making sure this is the right course for you.

    What's In The Relationship Maze

    Here's what we cover in the different sections of the course

    Know Where You Are?

    • How your thinking shapes the world

    • Change your thoughts, build your confidence

    • How we talk to ourselves

    • What drives us in our relationships

    • Becoming resourceful in dating

    • How your past shapes your relationship choices

    The Journey

    • Learning how to talk to your potential partner

    • Change your communication, change your relationships

    • Understanding reasons for conflict in your relationship

    • Relationship stages

    Your Destination

    • Understanding other people

    • Deepen your understanding of your date to find the right person for you

    • Learning to listen to what your date is REALLY saying

    • What drives your partner in your relationship

    Destination - The Start Of A New Journey

    • Strategies to manage conflict in your relationship

    • Develop together, change your relationship

    • Expressing your needs and wants

    • Maintaining a great sexual relationship

    • Managing the wider family