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Is The Relationship Maze only for relationships that are in trouble?

No, the course is giving you an opportunity to build strength in your relationship that will offer you a strong foundation for the future. You will learn all the necessary skills that will enable you to continue to be connected to your partner or to navigate through more choppy water in future.

Should I do this course on my own or with my partner?

If you are currently in a relationship, it would be helpful if you did the course together as it will spark much debate, in particular if you do the suggested activities together. However, you can absolutely work on the material on your own if you prefer to.

Is The Relationship Maze suitable for same sex couples?

Yes, absolutely. 

Is The Relationship Maze a replacement for couples therapy?

The course covers a very wide range of topics that are relevant to building a strong, intimate and successful relationship. You can use it a foundation to build on but if you wish to delve deeper into issues that require further, personal exploration you can chose to follow the course with subsequent couples therapy session. You would have a head start and already a deeper knowledge that can then be applied in your couple therapy sessions.

Is the course aimed at a particular age range?

No, the course is relevant to anybody who wants to gain a better understanding of themselves in relationships. Generally, the earlier the better. You can apply your learning in future relationships or your current one.

Does The Relationship Maze prepare me for marriage?

Yes, absolutely. Now - while the relationship is going well - is the best start to learn how to build a strong connection with your partner and to have the tools at hand that enable you to address difficulties or challenges in your relationship.